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The RippingtonsBrave New World943
The RippingtonsLucky Charm923
The RippingtonsSapphire Island886
The RippingtonsA Private Getaway871
The RippingtonsBlack Diamond (acoustic version)842
The RippingtonsBlack Diamond829
The RippingtonsLet It Ripp811
The RippingtonsBingo Jingo807
The RippingtonsJewel Thieves751
The RippingtonsRhythm of Your Life583
The RippingtonsVirtual Reality579
The RippingtonsMulata De Mi Amor574
The RippingtonsFaith564
The RippingtonsParis Groove558
The RippingtonsAruba!551
The RippingtonsSpanish Girl550
The RippingtonsVictoria's Secret550
The RippingtonsBella Luna546
The RippingtonsCurves Ahead544
The Rippingtons17 Mile Drive543
The RippingtonsPassion Fruit542
The RippingtonsBe Cool540
The RippingtonsKey to the Forbidden City537
The RippingtonsGet Over It537
The RippingtonsCast a Spell533
The RippingtonsClub Paradiso523
The RippingtonsMr. 3523
The RippingtonsSix Four517
The RippingtonsCaribbean Breeze510
The RippingtonsStingray510

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