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The ClashLondon Calling2008
The ClashRock the Casbah1928
The ClashShould I Stay or Should I Go1770
The ClashI Fought the Law1716
The ClashTrain In Vain1499
The ClashClash City Rockers1479
The Clash(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais1298
The ClashWhite Riot1157
The ClashCareer Opportunities1136
The ClashPolice and Thieves1132
The ClashCapitol Radio One1071
The ClashI Fought the Law (live)1009
The ClashDeath or Glory826
The ClashThis is England797
The ClashAre You Red… y644
The ClashFingerpoppin’582
The ClashWe Are the Clash557
The ClashMovers and Shakers512
The ClashDirty Punk490
The ClashLife Is Wild459
The ClashThe Dictator457
The ClashPlay to Win455
The ClashThree Card Trick450
The ClashCool Under Heat443
The ClashNorth and South438
The ClashTime Is Tight48