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Ted NugentStranglehold3807
Ted NugentFree‐for‐All1696
Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever196
Ted NugentCarol169
Ted NugentOh Carol (live)167
Ted NugentGreat White Buffalo152
Ted NugentGreat White Buffalo (Live)132
Ted NugentDeath by Misadventure42
Ted NugentOut of Control36
Ted NugentDetroit Muscle31
Ted NugentA Thousand Knives30
Ted NugentSweet Sally29
Ted NugentLive It Up29
Ted NugentWorkin’ Hard, Playin’ Hard27
Ted NugentWang Dang Sweet Poontang27
Ted NugentHomebound26
Ted NugentFist Fightin’ Son of a Gun25
Ted NugentCome and Take It25
Ted NugentAmerican Campfire24