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Sesame Street“Sing”27
Sesame StreetFuzzy and Blue14
Sesame StreetHappy Tappin' With Elmo13
Sesame StreetHandful of Crumbs11
Sesame StreetOne Fine Face11
Sesame StreetLittle Things11
Sesame StreetRubber Duckie10
Sesame StreetC is for Cookie10
Sesame StreetPut Down the Duckie8
Sesame StreetMonster in the Mirror8
Sesame StreetI Don't Want to Live on the Moon8
Sesame StreetDoin' the Pigeon8
Sesame StreetElmo's Song8
Sesame StreetDee Dee Dee8
Sesame StreetLa La La La7
Sesame StreetThe National Association of 'W' Lovers6
Sesame StreetThe Batty Bat3