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Demi LovatoGive Your Heart a Break2327
Demi LovatoSkyscraper2245
Demi LovatoMade in the USA1929
Demi LovatoNeon Lights1659
Demi LovatoConfident1583
Demi LovatoReally Don't Care1452
Demi LovatoEvery Time You Lie1357
Demi LovatoHere We Go Again1268
Demi LovatoSomething That We're Not1149
Demi LovatoSorry Not Sorry928
Demi LovatoCool for the Summer745
Demi LovatoI Love Me123
Demi LovatoCommander in Chief49
Demi LovatoAnyone32
Demi LovatoMet Him Last Night31
Demi LovatoDancing With the Devil30
Demi LovatoButterfly10
Demi LovatoThe Kind of Lover I Am9
Demi LovatoGood Place9
Demi LovatoMelon Cake9
Demi LovatoEasy9
Demi LovatoThe Art of Starting Over8