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Counting CrowsBig Yellow Taxi1890
Counting CrowsAnna Begins1880
Counting CrowsOmaha1741
Counting CrowsHigh Life1560
Counting CrowsAccidentally in Love1475
Counting CrowsMr. Jones1120
Counting CrowsA Long December801
Counting CrowsUp All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood)753
Counting CrowsButterfly in Reverse743
Counting CrowsNew Frontier731
Counting CrowsIf I Could Give All My Love -or- Richard Manuel Is Dead728
Counting CrowsMiami701
Counting CrowsWhy Should You Come When I Call?692
Counting CrowsHard Candy691
Counting CrowsBlack and Blue679
Counting CrowsAmerican Girls (radio edit)678
Counting CrowsGoodnight L.A.667
Counting CrowsGood Time667
Counting CrowsCarriage661
Counting CrowsAmerican Girls650