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Rick AstleyFull of You15
Rick AstleyGiving Up on Love13
Rick AstleyGod Says18
Rick AstleyHold Me in Your Arms21
Rick AstleyHopelessly17
Rick AstleyI Can’t Help Falling in Love (With You)18
Rick AstleyI Don’t Want to Be Your Lover25
Rick AstleyI Don’t Want to Lose Her26
Rick AstleyI Like the Sun24
Rick AstleyI Need the Light18
Rick AstleyI’ll Be Fine15
Rick AstleyI’ll Never Let You Down21
Rick AstleyIn the Name of Love12
Rick AstleyIs This Really Love?23
Rick AstleyIt Would Take A Strong Strong Man15
Rick AstleyKeep It Turned On17
Rick AstleyKeep Singing23
Rick AstleyLast Night on Earth16
Rick AstleyLet It Be Tonight16
Rick AstleyLet It Rain17
Rick AstleyLet’s Go Out Tonight24
Rick AstleyMake It Easy on Yourself17
Rick AstleyMiracle23
Rick AstleyMove Right Out16
Rick AstleyMy Arms Keep Missing You19
Rick AstleyNature Boy18
Rick AstleyNature’s Gift24
Rick AstleyNever Gonna Give You Up6586
Rick AstleyNever Knew Love14
Rick AstleyNo More Looking For Love19

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