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Papa RoachBlack Clouds409
Papa RoachBorn for Greatness663
Papa RoachBreak the Fall560
Papa RoachBurn1230
Papa RoachCome Around311
Papa RoachFace Everything and Rise1176
Papa RoachFalling Apart562
Papa RoachForever1313
Papa RoachGetting Away With Murder1095
Papa RoachGouge Away407
Papa RoachGravity4
Papa RoachHelp697
Papa RoachHollywood Whore602
Papa RoachKick in the Teeth24
Papa RoachLast Resort2028
Papa RoachLifeline643
Papa RoachLovehatetragedy399
Papa RoachM-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)410
Papa RoachMy Heart Is a Fist2731
Papa RoachNever Enough1204
Papa RoachNot Listening1034
Papa RoachScars1814
Papa RoachShe Loves Me Not574
Papa RoachStill Swingin1284
Papa RoachThe Ending45
Papa RoachThe Ending (Remastered 2020)44
Papa RoachTime and Time Again404
Papa RoachTo Be Loved (edit)49
Papa RoachWhere Did the Angels Go1227
Papa RoachWho Do You Trust?492

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