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Panic! at the DiscoShe Had the World344
Panic! at the DiscoShe Had the World (alternate version)322
Panic! at the DiscoShe's a Handsome Woman323
Panic! at the DiscoThat Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)318
Panic! at the DiscoThe Piano Knows Something I Don't Know (alternate version)317
Panic! at the DiscoThe Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know333
Panic! at the DiscoVictorious1950
Panic! at the DiscoWe're So Starving348
Panic! at the DiscoWhen the Day Met the Night301
Pantera5 Minutes Alone1574
PanteraCat Scratch Fever1401
PanteraCowboys From Hell1697
PanteraDrag The Waters1818
PanteraGoddamn Electric1524
PanteraHole in the Sky1265
PanteraMouth for War1804
PanteraPlanet Caravan1481
PanteraSandblasted Skin1313
PanteraSuicide Note, Part I1629
PanteraThe Great Southern Trendkill1286
PanteraThis Love649
PanteraWar Nerve1254
Paolo NutiniCandy2034
Paolo NutiniWorried Man1312
Papa RoachAmerican Dreams625
Papa Roach…To Be Loved44
Papa RoachBe Free1240
Papa RoachBetween Angels and Insects572

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