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Lynyrd SkynyrdThe Needle & the Spoon2459
Lynyrd SkynyrdTuesday’s Gone5136
Lynyrd SkynyrdWhat's Your Name1023
LīveSelling The Drama111
The Last Shadow PuppetsStanding Next to Me1191
The Last Shadow PuppetsStanding Next to Me (acoustic)1300
The LeavesHey Joe442
The Left RightsPoo Out My Ass625
The Legendary Stardust CowboyParalyzed573
The LettermenThe Little Drummer Boy1259
The Little WilliesRoly Poly744
The Living EndWest End Riot208
The Living TombstoneDiscord - Feat. Eurobeat Brony204
The Louvin BrothersDying From Home, and Lost508
The Louvin BrothersHe Can Be Found501
The Louvin BrothersRiver of Jordan542
The Louvin BrothersSatan Is Real540
The Louvin BrothersSatan’s Jeweled Crown641
The Louvin BrothersThat's My Heart Talking580
The Louvin BrothersThe Angels Rejoiced Last Night560
The Louvin BrothersThe Christian Life520
The Louvin BrothersThe Drunkard's Doom562
The Louvin BrothersThere's a Higher Power509
The Lovin’ SpoonfulCoconut Grove3766
The Lovin’ SpoonfulDid You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind977
The Luka StateCan't Help Myself659
The LumineersHo Hey1441
The LumineersOphelia1682

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