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Fatboy SlimEverybody Loves a Carnival524
Fatboy SlimEverybody Loves a Carnival (radio edit)504
Fatboy SlimGangster Trippin'564
Fatboy SlimGoing Out of My Head694
Fatboy SlimI See You Baby (radio edit)543
Fatboy SlimPraise You566
Fatboy SlimRight Here, Right Now694
Fatboy SlimRockafeller Skank (vinyl edit)493
Fatboy SlimSanta Cruz552
Fatboy SlimSanta Cruz (extended)505
Fatboy SlimSho Nuff514
Fatboy SlimSlash Dot Dash601
Fatboy SlimSunset (Bird of Prey)581
Fatboy SlimThat Old Pair of Jeans541
Fatboy SlimThat Old Pair of Jeans (album version)513
Fatboy SlimThat Old Pair of Jeans (radio edit)545
Fatboy SlimThe Rockafeller Skank628
Fatboy SlimThe Rockafeller Skank (edit)543
Fatboy SlimWeapon of Choice582
Fatboy SlimWeapon of Choice (edit)482
Fatboy SlimWeapon of Choice (instrumental)581
Fatboy SlimWonderful Night558
Fatboy SlimWonderful Night (album version)534
Fatboy SlimYa Mama56
Fatboy SlimYa Mama (album version)68
Fatboy SlimYa Mama (edit)61
Fatboy SlimYa Mama (Moguai remix)617
Fatboy SlimYa Mama (radio edit)79
Fats DominoAin't That a Shame1440
Fed by Ravens(Euphonica)390

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