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FutureTurn On The Lights1692
FutureWhere Ya At35
FutureWhere Ya At (dirty)29
The F-UpsLazy Generation987
The FaintDropkick the Punks1050
The FaintThe Conductor (Thin White Duke remix)608
The Fall of TroyF.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.2127
The FashionFuture Girl274
The FashionLike Knives273
The Fearless FourRockin’ It732
The FirmAll the King's Horses987
The FirmRadioactive1123
The FirmSatisfaction Guaranteed1140
The Five AmericansI See the Light363
The FixxStand or Fall508
The FixxStand or Fall (extended mix)503
The Flaming LipsChristmas at the Zoo714
The Flaming LipsFree Radicals (A Hallucination of the Christmas Skeleton Pleading With a Suicide Bomber)8
The Flaming LipsFree Radicals (album version)5
The Flaming LipsFree Radicals (instrumental)7
The Flaming LipsGoin' On14
The Flaming LipsGoin' On (album version)7
The Flaming LipsGoin' On (instrumental)9
The Flaming LipsHaven't Got a Clue (instrumental)9
The Flaming LipsHaven’t Got a Clue5
The Flaming LipsIt Overtakes Me7
The Flaming LipsIt Overtakes Me (album version)8
The Flaming LipsIt Overtakes Me (instrumental)6
The Flaming LipsIt Overtakes Me - The Stars Are So Big… I Am So Small… Do I Stand a Chance?6
The Flaming LipsMr. Ambulance Driver5

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