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Ella FitzgeraldHark! The Herald Angels911
Ella FitzgeraldSlap That Bass948
Ella FitzgeraldWait Till You See Him (De-Phazz remix)1213
Ella HendersonGhost138
Elle KingAmerica's Sweetheart1633
Elle KingEx's & Oh's1887
Elle KingEx’s & Oh’s233
Elle KingTry Jesus182
Ellie GouldingArmy1586
Ellie GouldingBetter Man117
Ellie GouldingBurn3659
Ellie GouldingBy the End of the Night107
Ellie GouldingClose to Me370
Ellie GouldingCure for Love111
Ellie GouldingEasy Lover203
Ellie GouldingFigure 81736
Ellie GouldingHate Me344
Ellie GouldingHigher Than Heaven115
Ellie GouldingHow Long101
Ellie GouldingI Need Your Love2431
Ellie GouldingIntuition158
Ellie GouldingJust for You165
Ellie GouldingLet It Die105
Ellie GouldingLights4539
Ellie GouldingLights (Bassnectar remix)916
Ellie GouldingLike a Saviour98
Ellie GouldingLove Goes On147
Ellie GouldingLove Me Like You Do3308
Ellie GouldingMidnight Dreams163
Ellie GouldingOn My Mind1789

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