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a-haTake On Me3937
a-haCrying in the Rain1755
a-haHoly Ground1580
a-haEarly Morning1438
a-haAngel in the Snow1364
a-haDark Is the Night for All1289
a-haHunting High and Low1203
a-haI Call Your Name1169
a-haButterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)1147
a-haStay on These Roads1128
a-haThe Sun Always Shines on TV1123
a-haShapes That Go Together1069
a-haManhattan Skyline1066
a-haTrain of Thought1035
a-haI've Been Losing You1024
a-haYou Are the One968
a-haMove to Memphis966
a-haThere's Never a Forever Thing943