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YesSomething’s Coming1285
Naked EyesAlways Something There to Remind Me1107
Bright EyesPoison Oak1019
YesI’ve Seen All Good People997
Bright EyesThe First Day of My Life915
YesHeart of the Sunrise909
YesOwner of a Lonely Heart903
YesStarship Trooper898
Frank ReyesPrincesa842
Frank ReyesTu Eres Ajena809
Bright EyesLandlocked Blues687
Frank ReyesAmor En Silencio665
Bright EyesSomething Vague647
YesYours Is No Disgrace642
Frank ReyesVoy a Dejarte de Amar640
Hunter HayesWhat You Gonna Do (Encore)618
Frank ReyesNo Te Olvides de Mi610
Bright EyesArienette590
Bright EyesLet's Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and to Be Loved)554
Hunter HayesYou Think You Know Somebody540
Bright EyesAn Attempt to Tip the Scales492
Hunter HayesLove Makes Me483
YesFly From Here, Part I: We Can Fly463
YesEvery Little Thing200
YesIt Can Happen27
YesAstral Traveller18

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