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MetallicaWelcome Home (Sanitarium)817
MetallicaThat Was Just Your Life791
MetallicaHit the Lights751
MetallicaThe Day That Never Comes742
MetallicaDamage, Inc.739
Metallica2x4 (live)723
MetallicaAll Nightmare Long690
MetallicaLeper Messiah646
MetallicaSome Kind of Monster641
MetallicaDisposable Heroes619
MetallicaBroken, Beat & Scarred617
MetallicaThe Judas Kiss575
MetallicaStone Cold Crazy573
MetallicaDirty Window557
MetallicaThe Shortest Straw555
MetallicaFight Fire With Fire524
MetallicaMy Apocalypse519
MetallicaShoot Me Again511
MetallicaLords of Summer508
Metallica...and Justice for All505
MetallicaDyers Eve471
MetallicaHate Train426
MetallicaMy World423
MetallicaInvisible Kid402
MetallicaSweet Amber400
MetallicaAll Within My Hands386

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