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Lady GagaBad Kids913
Lady GagaChristmas Tree883
Lady GagaVenus866
Lady GagaMonster830
Lady GagaDisco Heaven827
Lady GagaTelephone797
Lady GagaSpeechless775
Lady GagaEarthquake767
Lady GagaJudas741
Lady GagaFashion725
Lady GagaMarry the Night721
Lady GagaMANiCURE719
Lady GagaFashion of His Love716
Lady GagaLoveGame716
Lady GagaSo Happy I Could Die696
Lady GagaJewels N' Drugs688
Lady GagaMoney Honey665
Lady GagaEh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)664
Lady GagaTeeth663
Lady GagaI Like It Rough656
Lady GagaHair639
Lady GagaMary Jane Holland609
Lady GagaThe Fame608
Lady GagaSummerboy600
Lady GagaStarstruck585
Lady GagaHeavy Metal Lover582
Lady GagaRetro, Dance, Freak581
Lady GagaVanity569
Lady GagaGlitter and Grease (live version)557
Lady GagaGovernment Hooker541

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