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Jaci VelásquezAdore610
Jaci VelásquezUnspoken576
Jaci VelásquezI Will Rest in You567
Jaci VelásquezIf This World563
Jaci VelásquezGod Loves You563
Jaci VelásquezShow You Love560
Jaci VelásquezImagine Me Without You560
Jaci VelásquezUn Lugar Celestial560
Jaci VelásquezOn My Knees560
Jaci VelásquezColors of the Heart554
Jaci VelásquezEvery Time I Fall550
Jaci VelásquezLay It Down545
Jaci VelásquezGod So Loved542
Jaci VelásquezJust a Prayer Away531
Jaci VelásquezWe Can Make a Difference531
Jaci VelásquezCenter of Your Love527