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Sum 41All She’s Got689
Sum 41Angels With Dirty Faces332
Sum 41Baby You Don’t Wanna Know807
Sum 41Confusion and Frustration in Modern Times319
Sum 41Dave’s Possessed Hair - It’s What We’re All About635
Sum 41Dear Father328
Sum 41Fat Lip767
Sum 41Grab the Devil by the Horns and Fuck Him Up the Ass410
Sum 41I’m Not the One583
Sum 41In Too Deep1935
Sum 41Intro363
Sum 41Jessica Kill374
Sum 41Ma Poubelle368
Sum 41Machine Gun613
Sum 41Makes No Difference737
Sum 41March of the Dogs682
Sum 41Moron410
Sum 41No Reason553
Sum 41Noots414
Sum 41Nothing on My Back340
Sum 41Open Your Eyes393
Sum 41Over My Head (Better Off Dead)342
Sum 41Pieces929
Sum 41Pull the Curtain322
Sum 41Screaming Bloody Murder488
Sum 41Skumfuk401
Sum 41Slipping Away363
Sum 41Some Say522
Sum 41Still Waiting775
Sum 41Subject to Change368

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