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ParliamentGive Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)375
ParliamentMothership Connection (Star Child)365
ParliamentMr. Wiggles307
ParliamentP. Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)308
ParliamentRide On316
ParliamentThe Big Bang Theory335
ParliamentTheme From the Black Hole326
ParliamentUp for the Down Stroke337
Parokya ni EdgarYour Song1115
Parokya ni EdgarYour Song (My One and Only You)1126
Parry GrippDo You Like Waffles?224
Parry GrippFried Chicken226
Parry GrippOne Donut a Day228
Party In BackyardBitch Lasagna157
PassengerLet Her Go17965
PassengerLet Her Go (acoustic)772
PassengerLet Her Go (Blues)600
Passion PitSleepyhead485
Passion PitTake a Walk334
Pat BenatarAll Fired Up349
Pat BenatarFire and Ice332
Pat BenatarHeartbreaker2674
Pat BenatarHeartbreaker (live, 2001-05-08: Sun Theatre, Anaheim, CA)323
Pat BenatarHell Is for Children313
Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot2509
Pat BenatarInvincible352
Pat BenatarInvincible (extended version)313
Pat BenatarInvincible (instrumental)310
Pat BenatarLittle Too Late335

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