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Panic! at the DiscoVictorious1491
Panic! at the DiscoWe're So Starving24
Panic! at the DiscoWhen the Day Met the Night23
Pantera5 Minutes Alone1168
PanteraCat Scratch Fever1056
PanteraCowboys From Hell1242
PanteraDrag The Waters1430
PanteraGoddamn Electric1200
PanteraHole in the Sky979
PanteraMouth for War1484
PanteraPlanet Caravan1106
PanteraSandblasted Skin1018
PanteraSuicide Note, Part I1238
PanteraThe Great Southern Trendkill942
PanteraThis Love288
PanteraWar Nerve966
Paolo NutiniCandy1612
Paolo NutiniWorried Man997
Papa RoachAmerican Dreams352
Papa RoachBe Free947
Papa RoachBetween Angels and Insects316
Papa RoachBlack Clouds132
Papa RoachBorn for Greatness380
Papa RoachBreak the Fall307
Papa RoachBurn976
Papa RoachCome Around27
Papa RoachFace Everything and Rise896
Papa RoachFalling Apart314

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