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Muddy WatersLong Distance Call383
Muddy WatersLouisiana Blues368
Muddy WatersMannish Boy523
Muddy WatersRollin' and Tumblin', Part 1347
Muddy WatersRollin’ Stone614
Muddy WatersStanding Around Crying323
Muddy WatersStill a Fool279
Muddy WatersSugar Sweet331
Muddy WatersTrain Fare Blues357
Muddy WatersTrouble No More523
Muddy WatersYoung Fashioned Ways338
MudhoneyTouch Me I’m Sick634
Mudvayne(Per)Version of a Truth42
Mudvayne1000 Mile Journey330
MudvayneA Cinderella Story359
MudvayneA New Game515
MudvayneAll Talk362
MudvayneBeautiful and Strange518
MudvayneDead Inside323
MudvayneDeath Blooms518
MudvayneDo What You Do658
MudvayneDull Boy581
MudvayneFall Into Sleep527
MudvayneFish Out of Water518
MudvayneForget to Remember423
MudvayneHave it Your Way404

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