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MetallicaHit the Lights417
MetallicaI Disappear645
MetallicaInvisible Kid204
MetallicaKing Nothing877
MetallicaLeper Messiah290
MetallicaLords of Summer318
MetallicaMaster of Puppets809
MetallicaMy Apocalypse320
MetallicaMy World212
MetallicaNothing Else Matters5087
MetallicaSad but True846
MetallicaSeek & Destroy951
MetallicaShoot Me Again342
MetallicaSome Kind of Monster406
MetallicaSt. Anger591
MetallicaStone Cold Crazy381
MetallicaSweet Amber224
MetallicaThat Was Just Your Life505
MetallicaThe Day That Never Comes328
MetallicaThe Four Horsemen482
MetallicaThe Judas Kiss379
MetallicaThe Memory Remains587
MetallicaThe Outlaw Torn779
MetallicaThe Shortest Straw266
MetallicaThe Unforgiven1385
MetallicaThe Unforgiven II668
MetallicaTrapped Under Ice585

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