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Meat LoafI Would Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)142
Meat LoafIn the Land of the Pig, the Butcher Is King124
Meat LoafIt's All Coming Back To Me Now683
Meat LoafIt’s All Coming Back to Me Now155
Meat LoafThe Monster Is Loose94
MeccanoActivate My Heart7
MegadethAngry Again769
MegadethÀ tout le monde1050
MegadethÀ tout le monde (Set Me Free)105
MegadethBad Omen128
MegadethCountdown to Extinction571
MegadethCrush ’em1075
MegadethDance in the Rain87
MegadethDevil’s Island164
MegadethDialectic Chaos625
MegadethDon’t Turn Your Back…1329
MegadethFive Magics34
MegadethGears of War103
MegadethHangar 181190
MegadethHead Crusher566
MegadethHoly Wars... The Punishment Due1980
MegadethInto the Lungs of Hell382
MegadethMoto Psycho718
MegadethMy Last Words921
MegadethNever Walk Alone… A Call to Arms148
MegadethPeace Sells574
MegadethPublic Enemy No. 1572
MegadethSweating Bullets518

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