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Lindsey StirlingMinimal Beat350
Lindsey StirlingMirage398
Lindsey StirlingMirror Haus361
Lindsey StirlingMoon Trance399
Lindsey StirlingMy Immortal397
Lindsey StirlingNight Vision390
Lindsey StirlingPowerlines360
Lindsey StirlingPrism395
Lindsey StirlingRoundtable Rival375
Lindsey StirlingShadows353
Lindsey StirlingShatter Me437
Lindsey StirlingSomething Wild395
Lindsey StirlingSong of the Caged Bird343
Lindsey StirlingSpontaneous Me342
Lindsey StirlingStars Align313
Lindsey StirlingSwag415
Lindsey StirlingTake Flight361
Lindsey StirlingThe Arena389
Lindsey StirlingThe Phoenix444
Lindsey StirlingThose Days342
Lindsey StirlingTranscendence408
Lindsey StirlingTranscendence (orchestral version)509
Lindsey StirlingV‐Pop669
Lindsey StirlingWaltz365
Lindsey StirlingWe Are Giants358
Lindsey StirlingWhere Do We Go350
Lindsey StirlingYou’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch175
Lindsey StirlingZi‐Zi’s Journey629
Link WrayFire and Brimstone406
Link WrayRumble1436

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