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Lindsey StirlingRoundtable Rival217
Lindsey StirlingShadows183
Lindsey StirlingShatter Me259
Lindsey StirlingSomething Wild232
Lindsey StirlingSong of the Caged Bird178
Lindsey StirlingSpontaneous Me188
Lindsey StirlingStars Align164
Lindsey StirlingSwag219
Lindsey StirlingTake Flight187
Lindsey StirlingThe Arena205
Lindsey StirlingThe Phoenix288
Lindsey StirlingThose Days189
Lindsey StirlingTranscendence230
Lindsey StirlingTranscendence (orchestral version)328
Lindsey StirlingV‐Pop343
Lindsey StirlingWaltz213
Lindsey StirlingWe Are Giants193
Lindsey StirlingWhere Do We Go200
Lindsey StirlingZi‐Zi’s Journey348
Link WrayFire and Brimstone266
Link WrayRumble1129
Linkin ParkA LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES (with Steve Aoki)892
Linkin ParkA Line in the Sand586
Linkin ParkA Place for My Head1386
Linkin ParkBattle Symphony416
Linkin ParkBleed It Out1860
Linkin ParkBreaking the Habit1871
Linkin ParkBurn It Down2321
Linkin ParkBurn It Down (instrumental)241
Linkin ParkBurning in the Skies880

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