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Lindsey StirlingFirst Light4
Lindsey StirlingForgotten Voyage6
Lindsey StirlingGavi’s Song4
Lindsey StirlingHeist6
Lindsey StirlingHold My Heart9
Lindsey StirlingLost Girls6
Lindsey StirlingLove’s Just a Feeling5
Lindsey StirlingMaster of Tides4
Lindsey StirlingMinimal Beat4
Lindsey StirlingMirage3
Lindsey StirlingMirror Haus4
Lindsey StirlingMoon Trance2
Lindsey StirlingMy Immortal6
Lindsey StirlingNight Vision4
Lindsey StirlingPowerlines4
Lindsey StirlingPrism4
Lindsey StirlingRoundtable Rival4
Lindsey StirlingShadows3
Lindsey StirlingShatter Me5
Lindsey StirlingSomething Wild4
Lindsey StirlingSong of the Caged Bird3
Lindsey StirlingSpontaneous Me4
Lindsey StirlingStars Align3
Lindsey StirlingSwag4
Lindsey StirlingTake Flight6
Lindsey StirlingThe Arena5
Lindsey StirlingThe Phoenix3
Lindsey StirlingThose Days3
Lindsey StirlingTranscendence3
Lindsey StirlingTranscendence (orchestral version)4

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