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Katy PerryBon Appétit654
Katy PerryBon appétit (instrumental)467
Katy PerryBy the Grace of God116
Katy PerryCalifornia Gurls2904
Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm834
Katy PerryChampagne Problems32
Katy PerryChoose Your Battles43
Katy PerryCircle The Drain50
Katy PerryCry About It Later30
Katy PerryDaisies132
Katy PerryDance With the Devil43
Katy PerryDark Horse (feat. Juicy J)3646
Katy PerryDéjà vu44
Katy PerryDouble Rainbow39
Katy PerryDressin' Up40
Katy PerryE.T.2205
Katy PerryE.T. (instrumental)690
Katy PerryFirework4274
Katy PerryFirework (instrumental)673
Katy PerryGhost45
Katy PerryHarleys in Hawaii83
Katy PerryHey Hey Hey53
Katy PerryHigh on Your Supply35
Katy PerryHot N Cold2295
Katy PerryHummingbird Heartbeat1781
Katy PerryI Kissed a Girl2462
Katy PerryInto Me You See99
Katy PerryIt Takes Two132
Katy PerryLast Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)2314
Katy PerryLegendary Lovers103

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