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Jan KristTry Anyway102
Jan KristWaiting for the Cosmic Shoe to Fall100
Jana KramerBoomerang794
Jana KramerDance in the Rain567
Jana KramerI Got The Boy714
Jane’s AddictionBeen Caught Stealing1944
Jane’s AddictionBroken People211
Jane’s AddictionCuriosity Kills214
Jane’s AddictionEnd to the Lies227
Jane’s AddictionI’ll Hit You Back213
Jane’s AddictionIrresistible Force2762
Jane’s AddictionIrresistible Force (Met the Immovable Object)214
Jane’s AddictionJust Because1143
Jane’s AddictionSplash a Little Water on It212
Jane’s AddictionStop!1956
Jane’s AddictionTwisted Tales215
Jane’s AddictionUltimate Reason212
Jane’s AddictionUnderground222
Jane’s AddictionWords Right Out of My Mouth237
Janet JacksonEscapade1087
Janet JacksonLet's Wait Awhile1322
Janet JacksonNasty128
Janet JacksonNasty (extended)123
Janet JacksonNasty (instrumental)112
Janis JoplinBall and Chain28
Janis JoplinBye, Bye Baby29
Janis JoplinCry Baby12
Janis JoplinDown on Me13
Janis JoplinMaybe25
Janis JoplinMe and Bobby McGee3100

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