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Good CharlotteThe Anthem971
Good CharlotteThe Chronicles of Life and Death479
Good CharlotteThe River932
Good RiddanceFlies First Class1281
Gordon LightfootApproaching Lavender14
Gordon LightfootBaby It’s Allright16
Gordon LightfootBeautiful16
Gordon LightfootBitter Green14
Gordon LightfootCanadian Railroad Trilogy15
Gordon LightfootCarefree Highway19
Gordon LightfootCircle of Steel15
Gordon LightfootCobwebs & Dust9
Gordon LightfootCold on the Shoulder22
Gordon LightfootCotton Jenny16
Gordon LightfootDon Quixote15
Gordon LightfootEarly Morning Rain14
Gordon LightfootFor Lovin' Me - Did She Mention My Name17
Gordon LightfootI'm Not Sayin'-Ribbon of Darkness15
Gordon LightfootIf You Could Read My Mind13
Gordon LightfootMe and Bobby McGee14
Gordon LightfootMinstrel of the Dawn15
Gordon LightfootOld Dan's Records19
Gordon LightfootPoor Little Allison18
Gordon LightfootRainy Day People17
Gordon LightfootSaturday Clothes16
Gordon LightfootSit Down Young Stranger15
Gordon LightfootSoftly14
Gordon LightfootSong for a Winter's Night16
Gordon LightfootSteel Rail Blues14
Gordon LightfootSummer Side of Life19

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