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Frank SinatraI Will Wait for You82
Frank SinatraJingle Bells963
Frank SinatraLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!197
Frank SinatraMy Way298
Frank SinatraNew York, New York2424
Frank SinatraSand and Sea78
Frank SinatraSanta Claus Is Coming to Town223
Frank SinatraSomewhere My Love66
Frank SinatraThat’s Life128
Frank SinatraWinchester Cathedral68
Frank ZappaOh, in the Sky634
Frank ZappaUncle Remus315
Frankie AvalonBeauty School Dropout1500
Frankie ValliCan't Take My Eyes Off You465
Franz FerdinandBite Hard142
Franz FerdinandCan't Stop Feeling133
Franz FerdinandDream Again135
Franz FerdinandKatherine Kiss Me135
Franz FerdinandLive Alone144
Franz FerdinandLucid Dreams310
Franz FerdinandNo You Girls763
Franz FerdinandSend Him Away137
Franz FerdinandTake Me Out1781
Franz FerdinandThe Fallen (Ruined by Justice)275
Franz FerdinandThis Fire203
Franz FerdinandTurn It On124
Franz FerdinandTwilight Omens139
Franz FerdinandUlysses745
Franz FerdinandWhat She Came For204
Franz LisztHarmonies du soir (Transcendental Etude No. 11), S. 139-11173

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