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Daft PunkHuman After All (Sebastian remix)170
Daft PunkLose Yourself to Dance313
Daft PunkNocturne1268
Daft PunkOne More Time3050
Daft PunkOutlands1176
Daft PunkOutlands, Part II962
Daft PunkOverture963
Daft PunkRecognizer1036
Daft PunkRectifier714
Daft PunkReflections729
Daft PunkRinzler705
Daft PunkRound One720
Daft PunkSea of Simulation750
Daft PunkSolar Sailer755
Daft PunkSunrise Prelude627
Daft PunkTechnologic1422
Daft PunkThe Game Has Changed749
Daft PunkThe Grid847
Daft PunkThe Son of Flynn810
Daft PunkTRON Legacy (End Titles)637
Daft PunkVoyager336
Daler MehndiTunak Tunak Tun201
Dan CrollCan You Hear Me866
Dan FogelbergLonger1223
Dan HartmanI Can Dream About You1164
Dan HillCan't We Try958
Dan HillI Fall All Over Again1328
Dan HillNever Thought (That I Could Love)909
Dan HillSometimes When We Touch1215
Dan HillWhy Do We Always Hurt The Ones We Love1742

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