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Dream TheaterA Rite of Passage661
Dream TheaterAnother Day32
Dream TheaterAs I Am947
Dream TheaterBuild Me Up, Break Me Down (instrumental)546
Dream TheaterEndless Sacrifice799
Dream TheaterHonor Thy Father653
Dream TheaterIn the Name of God796
Dream TheaterPanic Attack650
Dream TheaterStream of Consciousness845
Dream TheaterThe Count of Tuscany916
Dream TheaterThe Crimson Sunrise422
Dream TheaterThe Spirit Carries On850
Dream TheaterThese Walls1511
Dream TheaterThis Dying Soul768
Dream TheaterVacant734
dredgCatch Without Arms533
dredgOde to the Sun475
Drew Sidora’Til the Dawn118
Dropkick Murphys(F)lannigan's Ball565
Dropkick MurphysAmazing Grace426
Dropkick MurphysBarroom Hero355
Dropkick MurphysBlood74
Dropkick MurphysBuried Alive543
Dropkick MurphysCaptain Kelly's Kitchen22
Dropkick MurphysCaught in a Jar401
Dropkick MurphysDirty Glass499
Dropkick MurphysFamous for Nothing591
Dropkick MurphysFields of Athenry617
Dropkick MurphysFor Boston675
Dropkick MurphysGod Willing602

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