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D'AngeloFeel Like Makin' Love3386
D'AngeloUntitled (How Does It Feel)2279
D. WhiteAll the Story Is History (extended version)532
D4LBetcha Can't Do It Like Me661
D4LBetcha Can't Do It Like Me (radio edit)627
D4LLaffy Taffy1802
Daft PunkAdagio for TRON1983
Daft PunkAerodynamic3539
Daft PunkArena1705
Daft PunkArmory1693
Daft PunkAround the World2975
Daft PunkArrival1660
Daft PunkC.L.U.1664
Daft PunkCastor1629
Daft PunkContact2752
Daft PunkDa Funk5224
Daft PunkDerezzed2163
Daft PunkDisc Wars1622
Daft PunkDoin’ It Right2044
Daft PunkEncom, Part I1678
Daft PunkEncom, Part II1586
Daft PunkEnd of Line1853
Daft PunkFall1818
Daft PunkFather and Son1624
Daft PunkFinale1538
Daft PunkFlynn Lives1598
Daft PunkFragments of Time1912
Daft PunkGet Lucky9536
Daft PunkGet Lucky (radio edit)2268
Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger3865

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