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Carly SimonHola Soleil257
Carly SimonHold Out Your Heart253
Carly SimonHow Can You Ever Forget272
Carly SimonI Gave My Love a Cherry (The Riddle Song)274
Carly SimonI'll Just Remember You239
Carly SimonI've Got to Have You275
Carly SimonIn My Dreams264
Carly SimonInto White226
Carly SimonIsland226
Carly SimonJamaica Farewell222
Carly SimonJulie Through the Glass241
Carly SimonLegend in Your Own Time225
Carly SimonLove of My Life253
Carly SimonNobody Does It Better1892
Carly SimonOh! Susanna257
Carly SimonOur First Day Together235
Carly SimonOver the Rainbow275
Carly SimonPeople Say a Lot272
Carly SimonQuiet Evening245
Carly SimonSangre Dolce229
Carly SimonScarborough Fair285
Carly SimonShare the End255
Carly SimonSo Many People to Love257
Carly SimonSummer’s Coming Around Again450
Carly SimonThe Garden265
Carly SimonThe Girl You Think You See232
Carly SimonThe Last Samba247
Carly SimonThey Just Want You to Be There250
Carly SimonThis Kind of Love263
Carly SimonThree Days259

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