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City and ColourThe Girl2586
City SleepsPrototype43
Civil CivicRun Overdrive1542
CKY96 Quite Bitter Beings171
CKYAs the Tables Turn41
Claude Bolling Big Band'S Wonderful22
Claude Bolling Big BandCanonette17
Claude Bolling Big BandCotton Tail18
Claude Bolling Big BandHoneysuckle Rose18
Claude Bolling Big BandLove Is Here to Stay20
Claude Bolling Big BandSixteen Men Swingin'21
Claude Bolling Big BandSkyliner19
Claude Bolling Big BandWhen the Band Begins to Play Their Music24
Claude DebussyClair de lune1265
Clean BanditCome Over677
Clean BanditRather Be965
Clean BanditRather Be Feat. Jess Glynne1119
Clean BanditRockabye154
CleopatrickThe Depths51
Cleveland QuartetQuartet in D major, op. 76 no. 5: I. Allegretto – Allegro22
Cleveland QuartetQuartet in D major, op. 76 no. 5: II. Largo. Cantabile e mesto19
Cleveland QuartetQuartet in D major, op. 76 no. 5: III. Menuetto. Allegro19
Cleveland QuartetQuartet in D major, op. 76, no. 5: IV. Finale. Presto25
Cleveland QuartetString Quartet (1995): I. Prelude23
Cleveland QuartetString Quartet (1995): II. Scherzo22
Cleveland QuartetString Quartet (1995): III. Nocturne23
Cleveland QuartetString Quartet (1995): IV. Fugue –23
Cleveland QuartetString Quartet (1995): V. Postlude23
Climax Blues BandCity Ways36

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