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“Weird Al” YankovicDare to Be Stupid (instrumental)488
“Weird Al” YankovicEat It523
“Weird Al” YankovicFrank’s 2000″ TV482
“Weird Al” YankovicI Lost on Jeopardy457
“Weird Al” YankovicKing of Suede495
“Weird Al” YankovicMidnight Star486
“Weird Al” YankovicMr. Popeil450
“Weird Al” YankovicMr. Popeil (instrumental version)460
“Weird Al” YankovicNature Trail to Hell458
“Weird Al” YankovicPolkas on 45477
“Weird Al” YankovicPolkas on 45 Medley: Are We Not Men - Smoke on the Water - I'm a Man - Hey Jude - Mojo Risin' - In a Gadda da Vida - Hey Joe - Burning Down the House - Hot Blooded - Every Breath You Take - Should I Stay or Should I Go - Jumpin Jack Flash - My Genera244
“Weird Al” YankovicSmells Like Nirvana516
“Weird Al” YankovicThat Boy Could Dance477
“Weird Al” YankovicThe Brady Bunch499
“Weird Al” YankovicTheme From Rocky XIII525
“Weird Al” YankovicTrapped in the Drive-Thru467
“Weird Al” YankovicTrapped in the Drive-Thru (instrumental version)460
¡Forward, Russia!Nine509
The Alan Parsons ProjectLucifer377
The All-American RejectsTop of the World1613
The All‐American Rejects11:11 P.M.153
The All‐American RejectsAnother Heart Calls159
The All‐American RejectsBack to Me163
The All‐American RejectsBelieve146
The All‐American RejectsBreakin’151
The All‐American RejectsCan’t Take It165
The All‐American RejectsChange Your Mind153
The All‐American RejectsDamn Girl158
The All‐American RejectsDance Inside161
The All‐American RejectsDirty Little Secret1533

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